How does it work?

Getting PlutioPress setup on your WordPress site takes just a few simple steps.

  1. Download the latest PlutioPress Plugin from your Profile Page
  2. Upload it to your WordPress site using the Upload Plugin method
  3. Activate the plugin
  1. Navigate to the new PlutioPress menu item on the Toolbar
  2. Enter your Plutio API Keys
    • Your Plutio Client ID is your PlutioPress Public Key
    • Your Plutio Client Secret is your PlutioPress Private Key
  3. Set your Plutio Business name in PlutioPress
    • Your Plutio Business Name is your default sub-domain for Plutio
  4. Provide a Project Name created in Plutio for this PlutioPress connection
  5. Click Create Project
  1. Once your Project has been created, you can add Task Categories
    • PlutioPress Task Categories are Plutio Task Boards
  2. Then, add some Task States and assign them a color
    • PlutioPress Task States are Plutio Task Groups
  3. Click Save Your Changes
Now that you’re connected, configured, your clients can create tasks right from their WordPress Dashboard
by navigating to the PlutioPress Task Dashboard and following the steps.

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